Seed to Harvest: Part 1- Pheno Huniting and Genetic Selection

We want to take you along for the journey as NuVue Pharma begins to sprout and grow roots in Pueblo, Colorado. Follow us here as we track the growth of our first crop from seed to harvest.

To start a garden, you must first decide what to grow. Like selecting the ideal heirloom tomato variety for your soil, climate, cooking needs and taste, there are many factors that go into choosing marijuana genetics.

Marijuana offers a unique opportunity for genetic variety in its two species, indica and sativa. Naturally and through the design of breeders, cannabis has proven to have boundless potential in growth characteristics and effect on human health. Landrace strains continue to strengthen their naturally acclimated characteristics to their environments in the Middle East, Central America, Africa and many other regions around the globe. Concurrently, passionate marijuana growers have bred to adjust their strains’ resilience, taste, smell, and therapeutic effect.

With the growth of the medical marijuana industry, doors are opening up for increased study of cannabinoids and their unique medical benefits. We know that the indica and sativa species offer inverse ratios of THC and CBD, and that many people find the indica, CBD-heavy experience to be relaxing and relieving of physical pain while the sativa with more THC than CBD gives many a more invigorating relief from pain. However, the conversation about strain and effects does not end with that dichotomy. By focusing so much on THC and CBD, we may not be paying enough attention to the over-100 other cannabinoids naturally present in marijuana.

Most of the medicine you will find in medical dispensaries comes from a wide variety of well-known strains and stabilized crosses. Medical patients have long known that the unique combination of cannabinoids in each strain means that each strain has a different effect, and some can be uniquely suited to alleviate specific psychological and physical conditions. You might find that Chemdawg relieves your migraines, while your uncle prefers Bubba Kush to stimulate his appetite.

Our growers have selected the finest genetics available with quality and variety in mind. NuVue Pharma is looking to lead the way in providing cannabis suited for patients with medical needs across the spectrum, from seizures to cancer, PTSD to pain.

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