Our Philosophy

As a vertically-integrated cannabis dispensary chain, NuVue Pharma is dedicated to maintaining absolute quality control over its products from seed to sale.Unlike most other cannabis dispensaries, NuVue Pharma has its own state-of-the-art hydroponic indoor grow and cannabis extraction lab, enabling our complany complete mastery and oversight over product quality and its development.As a testament to this, NuVue Pharma develops its own proprietary medical and recreations cannabis seed genetics so you won’t find many of our strains anywhere else in the world, much less Colorado.


Our Mission

As our name suggests, NuVue Pharma aims to be more than just a premier medical and recreational cannabis dispensary chain. We are committed to unlocking the scientific and medical potential of cannabis.
With staff holding advanced degrees in plant biology and neurology, and a state-of-the-art research laboratory, NuVue Pharma’s goal is to conduct ongoing and groundbreaking research on the 545 active molecules in cannabis for biotechnological, industrial and other medical uses.
Quallity is priority in our award winning medical and recreational cannabis strains along with the extractions we produce daily.

Our NuVue Pharma Dispensaries Proudly Serve

A Few Of Our Most Popular Brands