News Brief: NuVue Pharma Places Again in “The Grow Off” Awards

A competition looking for the Best Growers in Colorado, The Grow Off, has recognized our NuVue Pharma Grow-Team for the second year.

The grow team at NuVue Pharma managed to beat dozens of growers throughout the State, taking home 3rd place in both the potency and yield category for a recreational grow in Colorado.

What is the grow off?

The Grow-Off is a cannabis competition that tests the participant’s growing skill. Winners are determined from actual lab results. This is a contest to see who can truly grow the best. Awards are based on the highest cannabinoids, terpenes, and, in some states, yield. A true test to literally find the Best Growers in Colorado.

All teams begin on a level playing field. This competition begins with the same genetics, unknown to the growers, and continues for six months to gauge the ability of the cultivators to set themselves apart in yield, potency, and terpene content.

NuVue Pharma placed in the medical competition in 2017 for potency and yield also. Our team is the only team to receive an award in both the medical and recreational marijuana growing competitions.